Translation and Localization

We offer several translation solutions based on your need:  

ISO 17100 Compliant Translation – This human translation process includes translation and subsequent review by a second linguist. Both linguists are subject-matter experts (SME) in your required industry. This process provides the highest quality output and is often used for public/client facing documents, court certifications, and website localization. 

Single Pass/Information Only Translation (IOT) – This human translation process includes one qualified SME for your industry. IOT process produces quality human translation output that is often used for internal purposes, providing a cost-effective solution when human translation is required. This process if often used in litigation to identify key documents to be certified for court, initial requirements for international RFPs, user manuals, etc.  

Hybrid Translation – Widely known as Post-Edit Machine Translation (PEMT), Hybrid Translation uses advanced neural machine translation, coupled with our internal translation memory for subject-specific based translation output. Our unique process includes review by a native speaker of the target language, who is also a SME in the required industry. Hybrid Translation is a highly cost-effective process used for high volume internal documents that require a fast turnaround.  

Machine Translation Machine Translation provides raw output from our neural machine translation and our internal translation memory. No human edit is included and is only suggested when a basic understanding of the document is required and immediate turnaround is needed.

Complementary Services

Document Review
For documents translated by your internal bilingual team members or another Language Service Provider (LSP) we provide document review services. Document Review is provided by a SME in the required industry to ensure correct terminology and translation accuracy.
Glossary Creation
For terminology management for long-term projects and to provide clarification to your internal team, we can provide a deliverable Glossary in Word or Excel format.

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