About Us

About Us

Our Journey

In 2010, Linguistic established itself as a global language firm. Having presence in more than ten countries, we have teams working in multiple time zones to meet our client’s deadlines. We provide high quality output in our product, as we are committed to our client’s success and creating long-term relationships.

Over the past years, Linguistic has proven itself as a top legal translation provider by handling high profile complex litigation cases crossing over into multiple disciplinaries. As a result, Linguistic expanded its subject-matter expertise translation process to many industries, providing high value language services in multiple industries.

Since 2010, the language industry has changed significantly, especially in regards to A.I., which has drastically impacted translation and interpretation services. Recognizing this, Linguistic remains a top provider of human translation services, but has also expanded to provide hybrid (post-edit machine translation) services with the use of top neural machine translation tools, CAT tools, and subject-matter experts. This unique process allows for high quality output, while providing competitive pricing to our clients.

In 2012, upon request of clients, we started offering interpreting services. Today, we are proud to have a highly trained team of professional interpreters working in a variety of industries, attending in-person, over the phone or via video. For medical interpreting, we are known for our ongoing work with traumatic brain injury patients.

Our Team

Kelly Preuss
Before establishing and growing Linguistic Arete in 2010 as a woman owned business, Ms. Preuss worked as a paralegal in environmental, business, and commercial litigation and criminal defense. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and French, obtained a post-graduate certificate in legal studies, and became a Certified Paralegal through the National Association of Legal Assistants. She received her Certificate in
Spanish-to-English legal and commercial translation from New York University. Ms. Preuss is a past council member of the State Bar of Michigan’s Paralegal/Legal Assistant Section, and Chair of its Pro Bono Committee.
Giuliana Loaiza
"My background is in International Business. I lived in four different countries and absolutely love languages. Project Managing in translation for me was the perfect combination. I love to see what one document becomes when translated into so many languages, I really enjoy working with clients to deliver a good product and solving the challenges is always exciting. Interpreting has definitely changed my perspective of life. Communication is an essential right that should never been taken away. Working as a medical interpreter, I realized that giving both patient and provider the ability to communicate accurately changes everything for the best."